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C.P.E. Bach: Oboe Concertos with Anna Starr & Musica Poetica

"The ultimate purpose of music is well-known: the man that touches my heart, arouses and calms my passions and also pleases me by employing my wit, fulfils that purpose completely. It does not require a thousand-fold of varieties of singing: one needs to strike the right tone of any passion, and it will be aroused. To touch even more effectively, also by means of surprise, and to please and employ the wit, one needs to have thorough knowledge of the harmonies.

The attainment of these aims which, it seems to me, have their source in nature and have long since been recognised by every just and subtle feeling, is the character of Berlin's music.

And what man can reach the originality, the richness of the most noble and beautiful thoughts and the surprising novelty in singing [melody] and harmony of our [CPE] Bach? – His mind is an inexhaustible ocean of thoughts, and as the vast ocean spans the globe and thousands of streams saturate it, Bach spans and saturates the whole range and depth of art."

Johann Friedrich Reichardt (Schreiben über die Berlinische Musik, Hamburg 1775)

Curious? Listen to this:


You can listen to more excerpts, read about the CD and order it here.

First performance new completion of Bach's St. Mark Passion in Germany


In April 2011, Musica Poetica presented a new completion of J. S. Bach's St. Mark Passion. Jörn Boysen had composed all missing recits and turba-choirs. In March 2012 it has been performed in Kiel. Klick here to listen to more excerpts of the 2011 performances with Musica

Musica Poetica in "The Imaginary Invalid" by Molière and Charpentier

After being sold out for five weeks in 2009 De Utrechtse Spelen are repeating their successful production "The Imaginary Invalid". With a.o. Loes Luca, Paul R. Kooij. Music performed by Musica Poetica.

If you want to get an impression you can watch the trailer here.



"Music for music's sake, [...] played and sung with such facility that you want to join in and dance along." (Klassiek Centraal)

In 2010, Musica Poetica received the Golden Label of Klassiek Centraal.

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