Moscow Premiere of the St. Marcus Passion!

Well, it has been a while since we’ve posted! However, it is great to be able to open up the new year with an announcement that the Boysen completion of the JS Bach “Marcus Passion” will have it’s Moscow premiere at the impressive [Zaryadye Hall](

As you might have already realised from our past posts, our Artistic Director (Jorn Boysen), is also an accomplished composer. One of his greatest compositions to date is the completion of the fragmented “Markus Passion” by JS Bach. You can hear many parts of this completion on previous posts on our Steem account or on other social media.

Unfortunately, the orchestra is not going along with Jorn for this performance. He will be conducting and directing the performance, but with a local Ensemble and Choir. Namely:

Dilara Idrisova, soprano
Polina Shamaeva, mezzo-soprano
Benjamin Glaubitz, tenor
Julian Redlin, bass
Intrada Vocal Ensemble
and Pratum Integrum Baroque Orchestra

[Ticket sales]( have just begun, and we wish Jorn the best of luck for the big day on the 12th of April, 2019!

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